Dynamic Positioning System

Press a button and the Dynamic Positioning System holds your boat´s heading and keeps it within a very limited area, even in a current or in windy conditions. A perfect feature for waiting at the fuel dock or for a bridge or lock to open. When docking, the Dynamic Positioning System gives you time to “freeze the moment” so that your crew can prepare fenders and lines totally stress free.

Hold the position!
When activated, the Dynamic Positioning System automatically holds your boat´s heading and keeps it within a very limited area. The system uses twin GPS receivers in the special antenna to determine the boat’s position and heading. Sophisticated and specially developed software in the EVC system transforms this data into steering angles, gear shifts and throttle positions to keep the boat still. Engines, pods and propellers are therefore active and your boat should be regarded as under way with the driver responsible. No one should, of course, be in the water close to the boat.

Available for all models
The Dynamic Positioning System is available for all Volvo Penta IPS models from model year 2010 and later. It must be combined with low-speed mode (not gasoline), the new joystick control and the 7" color display. The Dynamic Positioning System is engaged by a button on the joystick control and disengaged by moving the control levers or pressing the button once again.

The antenna with twin GPS receivers feeds positioning information to the Dynamic Positioning System. The system is activated and deactivated by pushing a button on the new joystick and the 7" display shows system status. 
Dynamic Postioning System

Dynamic Positiong System