Volvo Penta Exchange system

Give your engine a new life

Replacing a broken component with a Volvo Penta Exchange part doesn't cost any more than a repair. With Volvo Penta Exchange parts in stock, downtime is cut to a minimum. Volvo Penta´s remanufacturing requires the same know-how and equipment as factory production. We don't just restore the parts to "like-new" condition. We modify them to the latest version with the technical improvements that have been introduced in production.

That's why the value of a Volvo Penta Exchange part can only be compared to the price of a new genuine component, never with the costs of a repair or a simpler reconditioning.
Quick delivery
Can you afford to wait for a repair or an ordinary rebuild of your machine, when you can get Volvo Penta Exchange part in "like-new" condition?
The nice thing about the exchange system is that you don't have to wait to get back the same component. At the first sign of a problem, you simply order a Volvo Penta Exchange part from your Volvo dealer. If the part isn't already at the dealer, Volvo's efficient shipping network makes sure that the part soon is on location. You don't have to wait for repairs and you can resume productive operation with a minimum of downtime. You then send the defective part to Volvo Penta for factory remanufacturing.