Parts and service

The environmental properties of the engine and driveline depend on them being cared for in accordance with the service instructions. A badly maintained engine will begin to use more fuel and produce more emissions. A badly maintained transmission increases the internal losses and reduces efficiency.

The propeller plays a key part
The single most important component is the propeller. It must be in perfect condition and not be damaged in any way and there must be no marine growth at all. Feel with your hand along the propeller blades and check that they are not damaged. A damaged propeller increases fuel consumption and emissions without fail.

A damaged propeller can be repaired by a specialist or replaced by a new Genuine Volvo Penta.

A clean hull reduces friction
A clean, undamaged and smooth hull is crucial for good performance and low fuel consumption. An uneven surface, perhaps due to marine growth, has a negative impact on fuel consumption and performance. A boat with its hull covered with marine growth
can increase fuel consumption by a good 25 %.

Genuine Volvo Penta Parts
By using Genuine Volvo Penta Parts you can be assured that your engine will stay in perfect condition and thereby keeps its environmental performance.

Volvo Penta develops engines and drivelines for which it specifies specific oils and chemicals. Switching to other qualities runs the risk of negatively affecting their environmental properties.