Battery Management System – you are in charge

Forget heavy bunches of keys. With the new e-Key remote, you can manage the main power functions onboard your boat with a single key fob. Designed with car-like functionality, the e-Key allows you to remotely switch power on or off, and – via two programmable buttons – control functions such as exterior lighting, heating or media equipment from the dockside. At the heart of system is the Battery Control Module (BCM) that makes installation, operation and maintenance easy.

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The Battery Control Module (BCM) acts as the main hub for the boat’s electrical system making battery status reliable and easier to monitor from a display at the helm. The system parameters can be preset so that information on the state of charge, state of health, time to empty, voltage and current are all easily accessible. Designed for the marine environment, the system significantly reduces the total number of components needed and maximizes reliability while on the water.

Battery Management System

1. Battery Control Module (BCM)   2. 2.5” Battery Management Display  3. Battery Sensor   4. e-Key Remote kit

Features and Benefits:

• Battery status, warnings and diagnostics integrated in one display
• Single-source of information for easier fault finding
• Cross-over battery function to ensure power on start up
• Expandable system with options such as e-Key Remote
• Reduced number of components
• Improved reliability and convenience

e-Key remote

e-Key remote

With the introduction of the e-Key remote, Volvo Penta brings car-like functionality to boat owner- ship. A range of functions can be programmed into the e-Key including exterior lighting and main power – all of which can be operated from a distance.

Not only is the e-Key system designed for easier handling and increased theft protection, but it also authorizes access to onboard systems. Simply press “ON” and sweep the e-Key in front of the e-Key panel to un-lock the system – and press the start button to start the engines.

How it works

As default all main breakers will switch on/off when pressing ON/OFF on the e-Key Remote. If you want to exclude any breaker, this is done under user settings.

The system provides a feed-back signal that indicates when EVC is locked (one flash) and unlocked (two flashes).

Combine the system to desired level of features:

Basic Control

The Basic Control package includes the following features:

  • Two battery channels with main switches
  • Cross-Over switch
  • Battery charge distribution
  • 2 constant outputs 20A
  • Local switch control or remote button panels
  • Automatic Cross-Over (EVC only)
  • Voltage measurement (EVC only)
  • Diagnostics presentation (in EVC only)
  • Approved for Diesel and Gas Engines

BM basic


Extended Control

Basic Control package plus the following additional features:

  • Button panel for control of both main and cross-over switches
  • Settings for the Battery Guard:
    • Low voltage alarm
    • Cut-off levels

BM extended


Control & Monitoring

Extended Control package plus the following additional features:

  • Battery computer present status of the battery group:
    • Voltage
    • Current flow (in- or out from the battery)
    • State of Charge (0-100%)
    • Time to full/empty
    • State of health.

BM control and monitor



Control & Monitoring package plus the following additional features:

  • Wireless control of the main switches from the e-Key Remote
  • Wireless control of 2 accessory outputs from the e-Key Remote
  • Wireless control of all main breakers from the e-Key Remote
  • EVC lock/unlocked function

BM complete