The unique features of Aquamatic drives

Volvo Penta Aquamatic drives have a unique combination of features, not available with other brands. In the Aquamatic system, every component is developed for a perfect match.

1. Genuine through-the-drive exhaust leads fumes away and reduces noise.

2. Smooth shifting and exceptional durability with patented cone clutch.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance from saltwater-grade aluminum and multi-layer paint process.

4. Patented nickel-bronze-aluminum alloy propellers: extremely strong, corrosion and growth-resistant (DPH).
5. Patented, fully hydraulic and X-act steering with direct-mounted, external steering cylinders (DPH and DPR).

6. Hydrodynamically designed lower housing reduces drag and increases performance.

7. Patented “booster ring” that optimizes water flow to the propellers.

8. The break-away shaft coupling is designed to protect the transmission by shearing if the propellers strike a submerged object at speed.

9. Hydraulic powertrim with integrated kick-up function minimizes damage if a large underwater object is struck.