Volvo Penta Easy Connect

Now you can have your engine, boat and route data displayed directly on your smart device. All you need is the app and the Easy Connect Interface installed in your boat. By having your boat’s vital information in the palm of your hand, you can start exploring a more rewarding, fun and practical boat ownership - both onboard and when planning future trips from home. It’s easy to get going. Are you ready to meet your new crew member?


Key Features

Easy Connect features a lot of functions that add extra value to your boating experience, whether at home or sea: - Connects via Bluetooth - Access a portable helm station - Plan your trips from home - Go back and relive data from past journeys - Smoother contact with your Volvo Penta dealer - Share your experiences through social media - ... and more

Featured data within the app

The Easy Connect app is capable of showing data provided by your engine, as well as information from additional sensors and functionalities installed in your boat. Here are examples of data that can be accessed: Engine and boat data: Engine speed, battery voltage, oil pressure, diagnostic trouble codes, coolant temperature, rudder position, depth, fuel tank level. With Trip Computer (EVC): Average fuel economy, trip distance, fuel economy, time to empty. Additional features: Store journeys, share journeys. Talk to your Volvo Penta dealer for more information and additional features.

Volvo Penta Easy Connect app

The app presents your boating data in two modes: Captain View, when connected via Bluetooth onboard, and Home View, accessing stored data as it was when you last connected to your boat. The app itself is free and available for both iPad and iPhone (iOS 10 or later). It will also be available for Android as of the second quarter of 2018. The app requires Volvo Penta Easy Connect Interface installed in your boat.

Volvo Penta Easy Connect interface with Bluetooth

The Easy Connect Interface kit includes everything you need to get started and is available for purchase at your local Volvo Penta Dealer. The Interface itself plugs directly into the EVC multilink at the helm station, or into the engine harness on non-EVC gasoline engines. Need help? Let a Volvo Penta dealer assist you with the installation. You are able to connect to the Interface, one smart device at a time.
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