Duoprop propellers

  1. The rear propeller with smaller diameter works inside the flow contraction created by the front prop.
  2. Each propeller is perfectly in balance, by weight and size.
  3. All propellers are made of superstrength material crafted for propeller duty with a certain flexibility built in.
  4. Perfect curving from thousands of computer calculations in a uniquely developed program.
  5. Specifically adapted shock-absorbing bushings handle rotational and pulling forces.

All propeller types are tested in different types of boats for thousands of hours at sea

Volvo Penta propellers for Duoprop drives and Volvo Penta IPS take full advantage of the twin, counter-rotating concept. Developing propellers for Duoprop technology differs considerably from conventional drives with single propellers. The front and rear propellers must interact and carry out an equal share of the work, otherwise efficiency drops and transmission wear increases. The propellers are available in easy-to-choose series, with each set designed for a specific speed range.

All this give a unique Volvo Penta combination of curving, the surface of the blades and the cavitation design leading to maximum efficiency and comfort.