Green development

Environmental care in all operations is an integral part of Volvo Penta’s commitment to customers and end users, employees and the community. As a supplier of diesel engines we have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact from our products both under production and during their complete lifetime.

Proactive environmental programmes, covering the whole company including product development and production as well as sales and service departments, do this. Special attention is given to energy efficiency, manufacturing, emissions and noise, material efficiency, technology for the future and environmental management. A ll our manufacturing units are certified to ISO 14001. 

The Volvo Penta range of engines is built upon the stable foundation of the Volvo Group’s medium and heavy duty engines and where Quality, Safety and Environmental Care are paramount and an integral part of the development process right from the start.
The advanced engines are designed using world leading CAD tools and finite element analysis and then developed and verified in one of the world’s foremost testing laboratories.

Field testing to ensure durability, reliability and suitability for the application in the environment where they are to be used is conducted to secure quality. The latest advances in engine technology are used to ensure that the engines meet existing and future emission legislation.

The complete Volvo Group technology is open to Volvo Penta. To make the right choice it is vital to have extensive knowledge coupled with application know-how. Many years of experience have given Volvo Penta’s application engineers just this!