Features Saildrive

Saildrive - from Volvo Penta
The Saildrive was introduced by Volvo Penta in 1973. Today's models have all of the original benefits, plus a number of new ones you won't find anywhere else, making it the most comfortable and safe package for sailboats.

  • Robust design with proven operating reliability.
  • A single rubber insulated gland (= Low noise and minimal vibration) 
  • Large selection of propellers available
  • Saildrive can be installed with engine facing either forward or rear.

Patented folding propellers
Volvo Penta's patented 2-,3- and 4-blade folding propellers give you low drag while sailing, but all the thrust of a fixed propeller - both forward and reverse. The range covers engine outputs from 5 to 120 hp.

Features saildrive

1. Electrically isolated drive and propeller to minimize risk of corrosion
2. Optimal cooling water intake gives minimal risk of blocked water intake
3. Split anode that can be replaced without removing the propeller

4. Saildrive oil can be changed from inside the boat
5.  Crash absorber that keeps the engine in place in the event of impact