Smooth boat behavior and improved fuel economy

A Volvo Penta trim system will make your boat driving a whole lot simpler and safer. It gets you up on plane quickly, compensates for wind and load, and gives your boat its most favorable running angle. Choose one of our highly efficient Interceptor systems and add Powertrim assistant if you drive an Aquamatic-powered boat. Welcome to a more comfortable ride with Volvo Penta trim systems!

Improved visibility – automatically
By continuously optimizing your boat’s attitude the trim system makes your boat driving easier and increases on-board safety by giving you better visibility.

Quickly up on plane with improved visibility.
Perfect running attitude – automatically.
Efficient interceptor technology
The Interceptor technology is the highly efficient, Volvo Penta alternative to conventional trim tabs, offering quicker response.
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Volvo Penta Interceptor System, 300–1050
The Volvo Penta Interceptor System has its origin in large, commercial vessel applications. Its robust and compact design ensures reliable performance in all conditions.
·         For yachts 35–100+ feet
·         Fully EVC-integrated
·         Blade size: 300–1,050 mm
·         Composite material – no corrosion
·         Auto Trim & List or Auto Trim, List & Coordinated Turn

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Boat Trim System, BTS300–450
The intuitive and user-friendly trim system for fast runabouts. It has all the performance qualities of conventional trim tabs – plus the additional benefits of quicker response, less drag and compact design.
·         Recommended for boats 17–40 feet
·         For all drive systems, including outboards
·         Blade size: 300–450 mm
·         Composite material
·         Optional Auto mode

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Powertrim Assistant for Aquamatic sterndrive
This Volvo Penta software automatically adjusts your drive trim for the best possible running attitude and lowering fuel consumption. You also get faster acceleration, higher top speed and better comfort.
·         For boats powered by EVC engines with Aquamatic
·         Manual override on the EVC controls
·         Matched to work perfectly with the interceptor systems

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