Salt Water Ready

Protected by a revolutionary titanium-ceramic coating and new sensor technology, OceanX is Volvo Penta’s answer to the corrosive effects of salt water!

In keeping with Volvo Penta’s commitment to environmental care, the OceanX drive is chromate-free.

The Toughest Coating

OceanX’s titanium-ceramic coating is applied using a state-of-the-art electro-deposition process. The coating greatly improves  corrosion resistance – up to four times more resistant – making OceanX perfect for salt water boating. The titanium ceramic coating is highly durable, flexible and covers the entire drive for maximum protection. OceanX offers an entirely new level of protection!

Protecting What You Can’t See

In addition to the new OceanX coating, Volvo Penta added two electronic sensors to help protect internal components of the drive*. These sensors provide audible and visual** warning alerts to help boaters avoid expensive repairs:

  • The Drive sensor monitors the quality and level of the drive’s critical gear lubricant.
  • The U Joint Bellows sensor alerts if water intrudes in the bellows area.

* Water-in-Drive and Water-in-Bellows sensors are not available with diesel engines.

** Visual warnings only available with optional EVC displays.

Engine Options for the OceanX Drive



***Also available with the catalyzed "C" exhaust versions.

Freshwater cooling and anode saving Active Corrosion Protection are standard.