Volvo Penta Oil Analysis Program

Oil Analysis Program

Regular oil analysis is an unbeatable tool that not only allows you to plan your maintenance, but also can reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and expensive repairs.

Simply put, oil analysis is a basic driveline health check. The analysis provides early warnings which make possible the timely replacement of components before problems appear and damage occurs.

Volvo Penta has a highly certified laboratory that is capable of testing engine oil & gear oil along with coolant.

Benefits with using Volvo Penta

  • Our oil laboratories are repositories of knowledge and expertise about Volvo Penta products and are able to interpret and analyze results, recommending suitable actions better than anyone else. Regular analyses make trends visible, and bring even better control to engine health management.
  • Quick results once the sample is sent by your authorized Volvo Penta dealer and received at the laboratory.
  • An easy to read, user friendly report that explains the results of your analysis.

Contact your local Authorized Volvo Penta dealer for more information and to get started on an oil analysis program for your engine package.