EVC IPS installations

EVC controls for IPS installations

The new generation of Volvo Penta controls provide a new level of simplicity, with integrated buttons for activating and fine-tuning several features. Single-lever mode, Cruise control and Lowspeed

mode are all easily accessible by just pushing a button (depending on drive system, see below for specifications).

 EVC Controls          

Volvo Penta IPS, twin installation

The top-mounted control for Volvo Penta IPS twin installations offers a distinctive exterior, but above all, a number of very tangible benefits. Useful features are built into the control, which means that EVC functions are now activated and adjusted via the easily accessible buttons on the control. The result is increased comfort, better drivability and enhanced safety.

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Joystick Driving for precise and active manouvering

Use joystick driving to steer comfortably – with precision – at all speeds, just by pushing and rotating the joystick . The EVC system is easily interfaced with a number of autopilots.

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       Joyctick intuitive manouvering

 evc intercept         

Perfect trim - Perfect balance

The robust interceptor trim system, IS provides optimal boat attitude in all conditions and increased visibility during acceleration and in sharp turns.

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At your service

The 7” color display shows all available information the way you want it: digital or analogue readers, tailored or standard view, etc. for up to three engines.

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         evc display