Interceptor system

This whole new trim system, the Interceptor System (IS) has its origin in large, commercial vessel applications. Its robust and compact design ensures reliable performance in all conditions.

Designed for boats 40 foot and larger.
The IS is available in two versions, a manual and a fully automatic version. With the manual version you get all the benefits that the interceptors have over traditional trim systems. But with the automatic version you get the true potential of the Interceptor system.

The IS provides excellent visibility for the driver during acceleration and in sharp turns which significantly enhances on-board safety.

Main features
  • Fully automatic - just press the buttom for constantly optimized attitude (option)
  • Electric interceptors respond rapidly 
  • Shorter acceleration phase 
  • Excellent forward visibility during the acceleration and planing phase
  • Enhanced on-board safety
  • Fully integrated in the EVC platform 
  • Improved fuel efficiency 
  • Integrated trim buttons on the control for manual adjustments 

Easy to own
The Interceptor System is virtually maintenance free. The blades have a self-cleaning function, which startsautomatically once every 24 hour to minimize marine growth. Made in composite material, the IS has no need for protective anodes that have to be replaced regularly

Listen to what the trade press journalists have to say about the interceptor system.

Journalist’s comments

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Interceptor system

The interceptor system is integrated in the EVC platform which makes it extremely easy to handle; just push the Trim assist button on the engine control. This activates automatic mode, and your boat’s attitude is always optimized thanks to the advanced control system. If you prefer to trim manually, you just use the trim buttons on the control. Interceptor system rangeA robust system in various blade sizes: 600, 750, 900 or 1050 mm

Interceptor system visibility
When accelerating with IS (in auto mode), the system will lift the stern and lower the bow. This means quicker onto the plane and greatly increased forward visibility during the acceleration phase.


Technical information


Application Planing or semi-planing boats with Volvo Penta engines
Boat sizes 40-100 foot
EVC generation E2
Blade servo Brushless. Capacity: full stroke in 2 seconds
Blade sizes 600, 750, 900 or 1050 mm (one or two pairs per boat)
Options Manual or Manual + Auto mode 
Material Composite material, no corrosion
Control panel Trim buttons integrated in the top-mount engine control
Display Information shown in the EVC display