Processor box

Glass Cockpit system: Processor box 8500 and 8530
The Processor boxes provide a powerfully simple, fully-integrated helm that gives your boat a beautiful glass helm look.

The Processor box allows for easy installation wherever you choose. Having an independent, detached black box allows for better system cooling and larger screen size.

Comes in two versions
With Processor box 8500, or Processor box 8530, enjoy pinch-to-zoom on  high resolution crystal clear marine charts, and SmartMode using Remote input device as control, when accompanied by the 15”, 17” or 19” touchscreen monitor. All three monitors can support 1,080p HD resolution. The Processor box outputs either XGA (1,024x768), or SXGA (1,280x1,024) depending on the accompanied monitor size.

Loaded with charts
• The Processor box 8500 has a pre-loaded base map.
• The Processor box 8530 has pre-loaded US Bluechart® g2 detailed map.
process box