Boat Trim System

Thanks to the water intercept technology with vertical blades, you get a smoother ride and get quicker onto the plane. The design is made of composite material and, unlike traditional trim systems, no hydraulics are involved, it is pure electrical. This makes it easy to install and corrosion free and virtually no maintenance is required.

Additional benefits
The trim system has all the same performance qualities as conventional trim tabs plus the benefits of quicker response and less drag, smaller size and pure electrical manoeuvring with no hydraulics involved. The blades are automatically retracted at engine shut-off, reducing risk of damage and marine growth.

With their small dimensions, the interceptor units are easily mounted. The only effect on the hull is a small hole for the electrical connection. Additional interceptor units may be installed side by side, i.e. two units on each side of the hull. The trim system is designed for several helm stations and fits boats from 15 to 50 feet with speeds up to 50 knots.

  • 12 V and 24 V.
  • Easy, safe and exact manoeuvring.
  • Quick response.
  • Built-in trim sensor.
  • Control panel with LEDs for precise trim indication.
  • Automatic retraction.
  • Electrical actuator, no hydraulics needed.
  • Designed for several helm stations.
  • Suitable for multiple installations.
  • Composite material, no corrosion.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Small dimensions, lightweight.
  • Ideal also for water jet installations

Complies with CE and ABYC requirements
Download Boat Trim System(pdf)