Glass Cockpit
Glass Cockpit Wins Innovation Award at IBEX

Volvo Penta was honored with an Innovation Award at the 2013 International Boatbuilders' Exhibition and Conference (IBEX).

The winners were selected by a committee of experts from Boating Writers International and the awards were presented at the Industry Awards Breakfast on the opening morning of the annual boating industry trade show.

The Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit won in the OEM Electronics category, is a fully integrated control and monitoring system that gathers all driver information, including navigation, engine data, warnings, alarms and other data, on customizable, high-tech, multi-function flat-screen displays at the helm station.   The Glass Cockpit system makes operating a boat more like driving a modern car, and brings engine control and monitoring into the total boat control dashboard, with a common ergonomic user interface.   The Glass Cockpit technology was the result of a joint development program with Garmin.

"Volvo Penta is so pleased to be awarded the 2013 IBEX Innovation Award for OEM Electronics", said Ron Huibers, President, Volvo Penta of the Americas.  "Volvo Penta has a long and proud history of bringing innovation to the marine industry.   Easy boating has been our driving vision and we accomplish this through seamless integration from helm to propeller.   This award represents the latest delivery on that vision designed t retain and attract new boaters to the improved quality of life that boating so uniquely provides people".

The Glass Cockpit was also recognised as the Best New Boating Product at the Newport International Boat Show.

Repowering Your Vessel

Joystick Docking

The ideal situation would be if you could predict exactly when your engine has given all it can, but this is not possible.  The best advice is to change before the old one gives up the ghost and avoid being left without a boat in the middle of boating season.  

Your Volvo Penta Dealer will be able to help you to work out the best repowering option and may offer you a trade-in price for your old engine. Repowering in the off season will also allow plenty of time to check other vital aspects and operations of your boat to ensure that you don't end up being towed back into your local port!


Choosing a suitable partner is just as important as choosing the right engine.  Look for a reputable dealer with experience of repowering jobs like the one you are planning.  If you choose one of Volvo Penta's authorised dealers, you can take advantage of all of the competence at their disposal, with detailed and continuously updated installation literature and tools to optimise your installation, saving you money in the long run. 
Make sure you get a detailed and all-inclusive proposal from your dealer which should be based on a complete inspection of your boat.  Consider water, exhaust, air, fuel and electric/electronic systems which may also be affected through repowering.


When the repower procedure has been completed, it is important that you satisfy yourself that everything you specified has been done and to familiarise yourself with the new features of your boat.  Volvo Penta has procedures for handing over the boat and for supplying you will all the information you need to competently handle your boat. 

Your authorised installation dealer should go through the new features of your boat and answer any questions that you may have.