Folding propellers

The fact that a Volvo Penta folding propeller can offer up to 1.5 knots higher speed under sail compared with a fixed propeller will add greatly to your sailing pleasure. But the Volvo Penta folding propellers will also meet your expectations when cruising under engine power. The high thrust offered means that these propellers stand out in the competition and provide a favorable alternative for all sailors. Thanks to the blade’s efficient performance also in reverse, you get excellent maneuverability in confined areas.

The unique, high skew shape of the propeller blades ensures effective, low-noise operation with minimal vibrations and no cavitation. All Volvo Penta folding propellers are made of a spe¬cially developed, highly corrosion resistant nickel-aluminum-bronze alloy. And since blades and hub are sold separately, you can easily put together a perfect match to meet the specific needs of your sailboat.
Two-blade folding propeller for 5–40 hp

Choice of 20 different blade kits and 6 different hub kits. Blade area: 25% (2 x 12.5).

Three-blade folding propeller for 25–60 hp

Choice of 28 different blade kits and 6 different hub kits. Blade area: 37% (3 x 12.3).

Four-blade folding propeller for 55–120 hp

Choice of 10 different blade kits and 7 different hub kits. Blade area: 45% (3 x 11.25).

This graph shows how rapidly the propeller drag increases with higher speed. At 8 knots, for example, a 3-blade fixed propeller produces more than six times the drag of a 3-blade folding propeller.
A. 2-blade folding B. 2-blade fixed C. 3-blade folding D. 3-blade fixed E. 4-blade folding