Drives and propellers

Drev og propeller

The sterndrive range consists of four different drives; SX, DPS, DPR and DPH. All of the drives have been developed specifically for their respective engines. The propellers are matched to their drives giving high efficiency at all speeds, safe handling, easy maneuvering – and excellent onboard comfort.

Since sterndrives and propellers have been perfectly matched to each engine, you cannot freely combine them. This is a good thing. It makes you benefit from better performance, lower fuel consumption, higher reliability, longer service life and low levels of noise and vibrations.

DPH Duoprop
Specially developed for the D4 and D6 diesel engines, capable of handling their immense torque. Extremely efficient and reliable.
  • Immensely robust to handle massive torque forces. 
  • External hydraulic steering cylinders. 
  • Patented X-act steering with perfect control and driving feel. 
  • Patented, high-strength, nickel, aluminium, bronze propellers. 
  • Electronic shift
DPR Duoprop
The high-speed version of the DPH Duoprop drive. Developed exclusively for boats with top speeds in excess of 45 knots.

DPS Duoprop
The DPS Duoprop drive is perfectly matched for the D3 diesel.
  • Hydrodynamically advanced design giving better speed and performance.
  • Extremely durable internal drive train for longer service life.
  • Low weight for better performance.
  • Low maintenance need (e.g. only 2 anodes and maintenance-free gimbal ring).
  • High capacity through-the-drive exhausts for greatly reduced sound and smell.
  • Integrated speedometer pick up.
SX Single prop
The SX drive is the best single propeller alternative in the market. The wide rudder area gives precise handling – especially important for close quarters maneuvering. Top speed is maximized by the hydrodynamically designed lower housing which also host technically advanced transmission features.