Volvo Penta winners’ adventurous visit to the Volvo Ocean Race Finale in Galway

by Volvo Penta Region Europe

Seven lucky winners of the Volvo Penta European Service Campaign, accompanied by their family and friends as well as their authorized Volvo Penta Dealer, had the unique opportunity to enjoy two thrilling days in the heart of the Volvo Ocean Race village in Galway.

During the spring of 2012 Volvo Penta Region Europe has been running the Service Campaign where customers who serviced their engine by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer and/or purchased genuine Volvo Penta spare parts were offered the chance to win a trip to witness the Volvo Ocean Race finale in Galway, Ireland.

The packed schedule started with the VIP “Warm Up” dinner on Friday evening in the Volvo pavilion where race information, films and interviews with people involved in the race were presented to the audience. An insight in the life onboard a Volvo Open 70 was given as well as anecdotes from the race.

The Swedish winners were even congratulated by Olof Persson himself, Chief Executive Officer of the Volvo Group, who stopped by their table. Very appreciated.

The participants learnt more about the Volvo Ocean Race, Volvo Penta and the Volvo Group the following day. Magnus Gedda, Service Manager Volvo Penta, gave an exciting presentation about Volvo Penta’s role in the race, the harsh conditions the D1 and D2 engines that are fitted in to the Volvo Open 70 boats are exposed to and also answered questions about the duration of the race and the construction of the boats.

Håkan Karlsson, Executive Vice President of Business Areas, gave interesting insight to the Volvo group and the importance of Volvo Penta being part of it. He also gave the audience a glimpse of the future vision of Volvo Penta and in what direction the company will be heading.

The afternoon was spent out at sea on a spectator boat, together with 200 Volvo VIP guests, witnessing the last raffling In-port Race which finalized the whole Volvo Ocean Race and resulted in Team Groupama being the overall winner.

The two days in Galway offered a fantastic atmosphere, great spirit of the race and friendly, warm hearted people welcomed all the visitors to Ireland. Time passed very quickly but resulted in life lasting memories, friendship and valuable customer relationships for both the dealers and for Volvo Penta.

We want to thank all Volvo Penta dealers and customers for participating in the campaign and for choosing Volvo Penta as your supplier.  



Michael Kühn

Customer winner


Stephan Spaltmann

Customer winner


Manfred Vollmar

VPS Schrörs Bootsmotoren


Bernhard Fründt

Volvo Penta Germany


Jesus Nuñez Velasco

Customer winner


Mercedes Aparicio Gallinal

Customer winner


Alfredo Portilla Piris

VPS Yates y Cosas


Fco. Javier Fernandez

Volvo Penta Spain


Weine Johansson

Customer winner


Ing-Marie Johansson

Customer winner


Ingemar Andersson

VPS St Anna Marin


Johan Aspeqvist

Volvo Penta Nordic


Steen Schmidt-Pedersen

Customer winner


Steffen Møller Nielsen

Customer winner


Henrik Lund Andersen

VPS Lund Marinecenter


Peter Bertelsen

Volvo Penta Europe Nordic


Monique Blom

Customer winner


Hans Thorstensen

Customer winner


Alain Bonneton

Customer winner


Régine Bonneton

Customer winner


Jean Cédric Teissonnière

VPC Méca Bateau Bandol


Stephanie Teissonnière

VPC Méca Bateau Bandol


Jean Claude Montesinos 

Volvo Penta Europe France

The Netherlands

Mitchel Thomas Alexander

Customer winner


Johan Peter de Winter

Customer winner


Olaf Böhm

VPC Jachthaven Loosdrecht


Stijn Becker

Volvo Penta Benelux


Linda Ahl

Volvo Penta HQ


Jennie Pedersen

Volvo Penta HQ






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