Battery Management

Experience perfect control and reliability with Volvo Penta’s new comprehensive Battery Management system – a safe and easy-to-use control system for the boat’s batteries. With the Battery Control Unit acting as a hub the boat’s entire electrical system will be both more reliable and easier to monitor. At the helm, the driver will always be able to monitor the battery status in the display. Information on state of charge, state of health, time to empty, voltage and current are all easily accessible.

The system has been developed to minimize the number of components and thus also minimize the risk of faults. With a robust electrical environment and a minimum of moving parts the boat owner can experience peace of mind and rest assured that he or she is equipped with a system developed exclusively for the wear and tear of the marine environment.

The Battery Management System is available for installation in motorboats and sailboats, with or without EVC, and for single, double, triple or quad installations.

EVC – Electronic Vessel Control – is Volvo Penta’s electronic platform. It has been developed and tested, from the very beginning, for marine use and it integrates the engine, the controls and instruments, displays and a number of smart, add-on extra features – one system, one manufacturer, one way of installation and one single contact for all service matters, locally as well as globally.
battery management

The Battery Management makes your electrical system more reliable and easier to monitor. 

Battery Management

The Battery Control Unit – the heart of the Battery Management system.