With four completely new diesel engines, two new Aquamatic Duoprops, one new Saildrive, new propellers and a completely newly developed electronic platform, 2003 is the most intensive launch year so far in Volvo Penta's history.

D4 and D6 - a new generation of diesel engines

The completely newly developed D4 and D6 represent a new generation of diesel engines. Their advanced electronic engine control, common-rail direct fuel injection, four-valve technology and turbochargers provide the kind of performance and environmental properties that until now have been considered impossible. Powerful torque is combined with high output and low exhaust and noise emissions. The D4 and D6 will meet the overall environmental requirements planned for Europe and the US in 2006.

The D4 is the smaller of the two with four cylinders and 3.7-litre volume. The engine has compact external dimension, with an output of 210 h.p.

The D6 has the highest output of the Volvo Penta diesel Aquamatics. Six in-line cylinders, 5.5-litre cylinder volume and a full 310 h.p. output.

D3 - based on Volvo Car's first internally developed diesel engine

When Volvo Cars introduced its first internally developed diesel engine in 2001, it attracted substantial attention due to its good performance features. Volvo Penta is now producing a marine diesel version of the same engine - D3 - and, accordingly, enters a completely new boat segment.

New D2-75 for sailing boats and smaller motorboats

With the launch two years ago of D2-55, Volvo Penta further strengthened its position as a supplier of drive systems for sailboats. The new D2-75 is a compact, four-cylinder marine diesel engine developed primarily for sailboats, but also for smaller motorboats.

EVC - Electronic Vessel Control

EVC - Electronic Vessel Control - is Volvo Penta's new electronic platform. EVC is an integral system that enables a boat's engine, control systems and instruments, as well as other functions on board, to communicate and exchange information. The system is highly flexible and expandable, and can be upgraded with new software.

A few examples of this year's deliveries

• Volvo Penta signs an agreement with German boat builder Bavaria to deliver diesel and gasoline engines during the next four years. With an annual production of some 3,000 boats, Bavaria is one of Europe's largest builders of leisure craft.
• Sales of engines and drive systems for commercial marine use is steadily increasing in Asia. A prestigious order is the engines for to the new Governor's boat in East Flores in Indonesia.
• In Norway, Volvo Penta delivers auxiliary engine and emergency genset to the 'Ship of the Year'.

Most influential person

Jim Wynne, inventor of Volvo Penta's Aquamatic drive, is the most influential person in the motor boat industry, according to a ranking in the highly regarded British boat magazine Motor Boat & Yachting.

Power onboard the unique Götheborg

Volvo Penta is providing the engine power on board the unique newbuilding, the East Indiaman Götheborg. A total of five diesel engines from Volvo Penta provide the machine plant in the well-known sailing ship.