Environmental care, a core brand value

Environmental care – a core brand value

High engine performance and reduced environmental impact must go hand in hand. Every new Volvo Penta engine is competitive in both aspects. Our engineering experts continuously strive to optimise fuel economy and, at the same time, reduce the environmental impact to a minimum. This way we have made fuel efficiency our hallmark.

Volvo Penta shares technology within the Volvo Group, the world’s largest supplier of diesel engines. Environmental care is a core value at Volvo, and this drives the development of engines for trucks, buses and construction equipment as well as Volvo Penta engines for marine applications.


Our commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability affects everything we do, from sourcing and manufacturing to service concepts and policies. And it is reflected in the design and operation of our products. Here are a few of our efforts:

High-performance, fuel-efficient drive systems

Our modern engines offer a combination of high power, low fuelconsumption and low emissions. Important technical steps are electronically controlled high pressure injectors that make it possible to completely control the combustion and adapt to driving situation and fuel quality, resulting in excellent fuel efficiency as well as low emissions.

The Volvo Penta IPS drive has outstanding environmental properties with 30% higher fuel efficiency and remarkably less exhaust and noise emissions.


Regulation compliant

High-performance engines that comply with emission regulations.As a world wide supplier of marine and industrial engines, Volvo Penta products have to confirm with a number of emission rules and regulations.Customer demands for engines free from smoke, smell and noise are increasing. 

For marine commercial diesel engines, regulations are in place in US, EU and some Asian countries. More stringent requirements will come for within the next few years. Volvo Penta market products with certificates of compliance issued by internationl/national authorities as US EPA, CARB, EU (non road), IMO, SAV, Ministry of Construction in Japan and River Rhine.


Low Emissions

Marine gensets running on low-sulphur diesel cut harmfulemissions of particulate matter. This fuel also contributes to longer service intervals andincreased engine uptime.


 Diesel-Electric Propulsion

Leadership in diesel-electric propulsion. Builders, owners and operators of coastal and inland waterway tankers give testimony to how Volvo Penta diesel-electric installations ensure excellent environmental performance and reliable operation.