Volvo IPS System

Volvo Penta IPS System - High performing in every aspect

The unique, type-approved Volvo Penta IPS system is well-proven by operators all over the world who value performance, maneuverability, and on-board comfort in their yacht engine.

The key to these exceptional qualities is the forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers and individually steerable boat pods under the hull.

Forward-facing IPS system           

Forward-facing propellers  and individually steerable pod system work more efficiently

With the new and type-approved IPS1050, the unique benefits of forward-facing and contra-rotating propellers are available for fast work boats, patrol boats and passenger ferries up to 30 meters and 45 knots

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Volvo Penta IPS System vs. Inboard Diesel Shaft Installation

 Percentage EVC

Enhance your working environment with Volvo IPS system 

Improve your working environment with Volvo Penta IPS System

Significantly reduced vibration and noise  levels increase the on-board comfort and  provide better working conditions.
Volvo IPS System is approved by DNV 

IPS System approved by DNV

Significantly reduced vibration and  noise levels increase the on-board  comfort and provide better working  conditions.
Safety first with Volvo IPS System 

Safety always comes first with Volvo Penta IPS System

All IPS vessels offer easy and exact
manoeuvring.This makes every docking procedure safe and time-efficient.
Matched service for your IPS system 

IPS System – developed, manufactured, and serviced  by one company

With the Volvo Penta IPS System, you need just one point of contact for the complete IPS package: engines, drives, propellers, instruments, accessories, service, warranties etc.


 Volvo IPS System at work  

IPS System at work

High performance Volvo Penta IPS applications.