Electronic Vessel Control

Electronic Vessel Control

EVC means smart electronic integration of all functions from driver interface to engine and drive systems. It’s a turn-key solution – just plug and play. Easy, comfortable and precise driving and maneuvering. Efficient monitoring, control and diagnostics.


Constant supervision of all vital functions. Seven-inch colour screen for standard or tailored display of engine data, fuel consumption, trim and rudder angles, etc. Full compatibility with the NMEA 2000 standard, which means further integration possibilities.

 Easy to install       

Easy to install and expand

EVC is good news for boat builders, because EVC means quicker and easier installation. All updates are simple to perform. A wide range of additional smart accessories and new functions are easy to install.

With all information collected in one CAN-bus backbone, the amount of wiring and number of connectors are radically reduced, resulting in higher reliability and easier installation.

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Optimized driver interface

EVC is good news for operators, because EVC works as one coherent system for all main functions. You can take full advantage of all IPS functions, including multiple joystick steering stations for easy maneuvering and docking. Unique Volvo Penta EVC functions include Dynamic Positioning System and Interceptor Trim System.


 Volvo Penta          

Simple and safe

To make Volvo Penta EVC as safe and reliable as possible, we have based it on a unique and simple concept:

• ONE system, including all engines and functions.
• ONE company responsible for design and testing.
• ONE point of contact for the whole system.
• ONE method of installation for manufacturers.
• ONE tool for service technicians.
• ONE interface for operators.

EVC at work

EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) is a complete system -- from helm to prop integrating your vessel’s engines and electronics, and all the smart EVC functions. Operate all functions from a user-friendly and intuitive driver interface.

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       EVC At work