3 and 4-blade folding propellers

2, 3 and 4-blade folding propellers

Volvo Penta's 2, 3 & 4-blade folding propellers are perfect for sailboats with minimal drag under sail combined with effective propulsion for boats with engines up to 120 horsepower.

The patented propellers have a unique design that give them superior properties. It is the large size of the blades and their unique elliptical profile (high skew) that contribute to the high performance. What's more, the unique blade profile promotes extremely quiet and vibration-free operation.

Simple, dependable design
Tough conical teeth ensure that the propeller blades are always in the correct position. Unlike the conventional, more expensive and complicated propellers with flailing blades, there are no complex mechanisms or other components that can cause problems.
Less drag
The 2, 3 & 4-blade folding propellers reduce drag by up to 8 times compared with a 3-blade fixed propeller, and has 3.5 times less drag than a 2-blade fixed propeller.

Higher speed
Volvo Penta's folding propellers offer higher speed compared with a conventional 2-blade folding propeller.

Compared with a fixed three-blade propeller, they offer more or less the same speed across the full rpm range.

More power
The folding propellers offer outstanding manoeuvrability. Despite being a folding propeller, forwards & reverse thrust is fully comparable with that of a fixed propeller.