Unique design – unique benefits

Thanks to its unique design, Volvo Penta IPS offers a number of distinctive benefits.


Forward-facing efficiency

The twin, counter-rotating propellers face forward and work in undisturbed water. The propeller thrust is parallel with the hull. All power drives the boat forward.


Virtually no fumes

All exhaust fumes are emitted through the pods, into the prop wash and carried well behind the boat for improved onboard comfort.



The propellers are positioned well under the hull to eliminate air intrusion and cavitation, even in sharp turns and during full acceleration.


Minimal hub for maximal blade area

In Volvo Penta IPS, the exhaust doesn’t go through the propeller hub. The minimal hub diameter results in a larger active blade area and a significantly better grip in the water.


35% higher efficiency

The forward-facing solution and an efficient flat-surface planing hull give around 35% higher efficiency at fast cruising than inboard shafts.

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More time for boating
With Volvo Penta, you need just one single contact for the whole package: engines, transmissions, instruments, accessories, service, warranties, etc. This means simpler ownership – and more time for boating.

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    One system – One supplier
All Volvo Penta products – propellers, drives, engines, controls, instruments, accessories, etc. – are developed for perfect interaction and optimal performance. For you, it means one single contact for the whole package, not least service and support. It’s safe, secure and simple.

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