Industrial Extended Coverage - IXC

In a growing global Industrial business, the product quality, reliability and durability are top priorities among the builders and operators. Focus is on uptime with quick trouble free services and controllable life cycle costs. With the new IXC Industrial Extended Coverage Volvo Penta can, through our skilled service network, offer service agreements supported by additional all or main component coverage, by that giving the operator the opportunity to have full control of their operational costs.

IXC must be ordered and paid for by the customer when the engine is ordered or at the latest 3 months after start of operations. 

IXC can be ordered for two, three or five years of coverage.


List of major components (attachment fittings & gaskets to the components are included)
·      Cylinder head casting, cylinder block
·      Crankshaft, piston, piston liner kits
·      Valve mechanism
·      Inlet manifold, exhaust manifold
·      Flywheel, flywheel housing
·      Camshaft gear and timing plate
·      Camshaft, rollers and rocker arms
·      Camshaft and crankshaft dampers
·      Charge air cooler, oil cooler

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