Total cost of ownership

Volvo Penta engines are designed and developed for long term performance. We are a world leader in diesel engine technology and one of the largest producers in the world of heavy-duty diesel engines.

As an independent supplier, we support customers from the design stage to installation and aftermarket service through our worldwide network of Volvo Penta dealers.

Since one of our hallmarks is long term performance we focus on total cost of ownership (TCO).

When investing in a power system, focusing solely on initial cost does not always produce the best option. A piece of equipment with a lower purchase price can ’bleed you dry’ due to high maintenance costs, limited support or higher fuel consumption.
What Volvo Penta include to decrease the Total Cost of Ownership:
  • Secured uptime for the customer
  • Quality, safety and environmental care
  • Fuel efficient Volvo Penta products
  • Global and customized aftermarket
  • Leading parts distribution network
  • Service agreements
  • Cost control tools
Change of focus
To really understand TCO we need to change the focus from buying to earning. Volvo Penta engines are designed for the most demanding commercial operations imaginable: powering heavyduty trucks, all types of vessels at sea and generating sets. High quality with built-in reliability gives maximum uptime. When you add long service intervals, quick service and support, low oil volume
and fuel efficiency – you have a winning equation and you can start calculating the earnings.