Volvo Penta Yachts series support

Yacht series support

As an owner of a yacht powered by a Volvo Penta IPS 500-600 (in triple or quadruple installations) or an IPS 700–1200 (in twin, triple or quadruple installations), you are eligible for the Volvo Penta Yacht Series Support. There is no charge for this priority service program.

Service that matches your yacht
You have chosen Volvo Penta IPS, the most efficient and user-friendly drive system available.  We believe that you should also have world-class, around-the-clock service and support program to help you get the most from your precious days on the water.

How it works
Yacht Series Support is available 24/7 through a direct phone line. Operators who are specially trained to assist Volvo Penta IPS customers will take your call. These operators have access to your yacht’s technical details and will help locate the closest Volvo Penta-trained technician to address the service needs of your Volvo Penta product.  Coverage is specific to the yacht; anyone can call for Yacht Series Support on your behalf, provided your yacht is registered and the caller is ready with your unique PIN code (activated at registration).

Yacht Series Support is available to you throughout the coverage period of your Volvo Penta Limited Warranty.  Even if a service need is not covered by the Volvo Penta Limited Warranty, Yacht Series Support can help locate qualified technicians to provide you with retail service.

One contact
While an issue is open, Yacht Series Support maintains supervision and keeps you or your designee updated with the progress.  Yacht Series Support is your one and only contact.
Yacht Series Support is available only for leisure applications and leisure usage.  Yacht Series Support is not available to vessels used in revenue-generating activities.

Yachts must be registered
To take advantage of this no-cost, concierge-like service, both the yacht and the owner need to be registered with the Yacht Series Support program.  If you did not get a chance to register at the time of delivery, please complete the registration form below. 

Please read though the Terms and Conditions of the service. When your account is created you will receive confirmation both by e-mail and regular mail.  Your mailed confirmation will also include two Yacht Series Support cards with all the information you need to contact the Yacht Series Support Center and take advantage of the service.