Care for the environment and respectful use of our common natural resources are natural components in operating Volvo Penta facilities. Environmental programmes are active and all production plants are certified to ISO 14001.

Environmental requirements for Volvo Group production facilities are followed at all our plants. These requirements include minimum performance levels in e g use of chemicals, emissions to air and water, waste management and environmental organisation.

In the Volvo Penta Vara plant in the south of Sweden, large efforts have been made to reduce emissions of sulphur dioxide and to phase out hazardous chemicals. Mostly water based paint and metal-working fluids are now used. The Vara plant was certified to ISO 14001 in 1996.

The Volvo Penta Marine Propulsion plant in Lexington, Tennessee, has effectively reduced emissions of solvents and hazardous waste through more efficient paint processes. Water consumption has been cut by more than 50 % since 1995. The Lexington plant got its ISO 14001 certificate in 1999.

The Volvo common diesel engine factory in Skövde was certified to ISO 14001 in 1998. Our Chinese facility in Wuxi got its ISO 14001 certificate in 2003.

Environmental data for all Volvo Group production plants are presented in the report "Environmental data 2004".