A perfect match - from helm to prop

When you choose an Aquamatic from Volvo Penta you get a complete system where all parts have been developed in parallel. This translates into higher reliability and overall performance. The drives and propellers have been carefully designed to match the engine torque and boat speed. This is to get as much thrust as possible out of every single drop of fuel.

Electronic Vessel Control
Aquamatic utilizes Volvo Penta’s common EVC platform (Electronic Vessel Control). It is a system that improves safety and reliability by monitoring and protecting engine and transmission. EVC is an CAN-bus based, integrated system with reduced wiring and heavy-duty marine connectors. Furthermore, it makes it easy to install extra functionality such as instrumentation or software functions.

One contact
With Volvo Penta you have one contact for everything. The components of the entire propulsion system can be obtained directly from your local Volvo Penta dealer. This means easy service and that you are quicker back on the water if you have a mishap during the season.

With a twin installation of Aquamatic, maneuvering is even easier than with a single. It allows the world-famous joystick to be added for completely hassle free docking.