A pleasure to handle

The D series diesel engines are characterized by high performance, both in terms of low rpm torque and in terms of fuel efficiency. Maneuverability is excellent thanks to the rapid response. Noise, vibration and exhaust levels are low, making onboard life even more comfortable.

Low rpm – high comfort
The D-series engines are rated at low rpm, which means only 1,800–2,300 rpm at cruising speed. This results in minimal vibrations and low noise levels – which are further reduced with the Saildrive.

Torque for sailboats
Volvo Penta D-series engines deliver high torque also at low rpm. That means plenty of power and quick response to all commands. It also provides power to drive the most powerful alternators in the business.
Low emissions
The entire D series complies with European EU RCD and the significantly more stringent US EPA emission regulations.

Efficient charging
Today’s sailboats depend on electricity. To secure a steady and reliable supply of energy, all D-series engines are as standard equipped with high-capacity charging. The 115 A alternator has a built-in charging sensor that gives correct battery voltage. The D3 has a 150 A alternator. All models can have an extra, engine mounted, alternator.