Features engines

Efficient charging!
Today's sailboats consume a lot of electricity. That's why we've equipped the D-series with by far the best battery charger in the business - as standard equipment. It's a 115 A alternator with a built-in charging sensor that gives correct voltage at the batteries. (The D3 has a 140 A alternator.) An optional extra alternator is easy to install.

Reliable starts - simple stops
With automatic pre-heating and the relay-activated starter solenoid, starts are reliable. Electric stop is standard on all D-series engines. D1/D2 feature push-button, D3/D4 use an ignition key.

Torque for sailboats
Volvo Penta D-series engines deliver high torque even at low revs. That means plenty of power and quick response to your commands when maneuvering in a harbor. It also enables the most powerful alternators in the business.

Low revs = high comfort
The D-series engines are rated at just 2800-3200 rpm, wich means a mere 1700-2500 rpm at cruising speed. The result is minimal vibrations and low noise - wich are further reduced if you have Saildrive.

Features engines

1. Freshwater cooling as standard on all engines
2. High capacity fuel filter - essential for reliability
3. High-capacity primer pump
4. Effective intake silencer contributes to low engine noise
5. High-capacity hot water outlet

6. EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) is avaliable for the entire D-series
7. Engine suspension with large damping volume boosts comfort
8. 115 A alternator with built-in charging sensor
9. Durable multi V-belt with user-friendly tensioner
10. Rigid engine block for low noise