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Call the number beside which corresponds to your language. An operator speaking your language will answer your call, and locate the nearest Volvo Penta dealer. Describe the problem, state your location, provide details of the engine and installation and a number for us to call back. Next, you will be asked how you wish to pay for any repair or parts charges (see below).

Once the dealer is involved, we will call you with details on where and when to meet the assigned and briefed mechanic. If a mechanic with specialist skills is required or parts needed are not stored locally, the operator will arrange to get these to you. Any changes or delays will be reported to you. Should your situation change, simply call the hotline again so we can alert the dealer or mechanic.

Advice is free of charge. A cost estimate for the repairs will be given as soon as the fault has been assessed. To ensure no delays, we take a credit or charge card number from you during your initial call (i.e. Eurocard/MasterCard/Visa), but final settlement can be in cash or recognised travellers’ cheques (personal or company cheques are not accepted).

Choose the language to be used for assistance:

Deutsch: +32 9 255 69 37

Francais: +32 9 255 69 27

English: +32 9 255 69 77

US: +1 800 522 1959

Español: +32 9 255 69 47

Italiano: +32 9 255 69 57

Nederlands: +32 9 255 69 17

Português: +32 9 255 69 87

Scandinavian: +32 9 255 69 67

Other European: +32 9 255 69 97

Fax: +32 9 255 69 09