Zone 2

ATEX certified engines for Zone 2

Volvo Penta D5, D7 and D12 are well suited for oil and gas operations as they have excellent torque characteristics. They provide an economical and easily maintainable solution for operators looking for sturdy, low-noise engines.

Conversion, approval, support and delivery of Volvo Penta Zone 2 engines is carried out by Pyroban, the parent company in a group of companies providing safety and environmental solutions to the international market. They supply explosion protection kits for Volvo Penta diesel engines working in Zone 2 areas in the oil and gas industry. Pyroban also provides kits for engines typically used to drive equipment such as wire line units, nitrogen units, coiled tubing, cement or fire water pumps. A Pyroban kit cools the engine skin temperature; eliminating sparking components and preventing over speed conditions.
For Enquire / Design / Technical info:
Contact Pyroban offshore team on +44 (0) 1273 466200, to discuss your application and requirements.