High Performance Propulsion

When time is tight

When time is tight, professional marine operators must be able to trust their equipment and, in particular, their boats. The key to functionality, to uptime and performance is the boat’s engines and drivelines. The Volvo Penta range delivers performance without compromising reliability, combining high power with low weight, low fuel consumption and low emission levels.

uptime and total cost

Uptime and Total Cost of Ownership

Maximum uptime is the key to productivity. Here’s how: Engines and drive systems designed for demanding working conditions,
ready access to service wherever you are, and extended warranty coverage.

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Volvo Penta innovations and product development aim at minimizing the environmental footprint of our products and operations. With enhanced fuel efficiency and ever-lower emission levels we are determined to meet future emission standards.

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uptime and total cost

EVC at work

Electronic Vessel Control is the Volvo Penta proprietary platform for full integration of engines, electronics and unique optional functions for unmatched performance, handling and safety. 

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 service and support

Global Service & Support

Wherever and whenever you need prompt support, Volvo Penta is there for you. This is ensured by our global aftermarket service and support organization and our world-wide
dealer network and parts logistics.

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