The benefits of Duoprop

Faster acceleration
Duoprop provides up to 30 % faster acceleration and produces a top speed some 5 % faster than any conventional single propeller system.

Lower fuel consumption
With twin counter-rotating propellers, energy losses are minimized and you can stay planing at lower revs. That’s why Duoprop can help you save large amounts of fuel.

Straight tracking
Duoprop tracks straight. Check over the transom of any Duoprop powered boat. The evidence of cleaner, unruffled delivery of power is there in the wake.

Handling is better too
Whether at speed, round the buoys or when docking in a crowded marina. The grip is there – even when making sharp turns at high speeds. Duoprop also reduces the boats tendency to roll.

Lower vibration and noise levels
Duoprop produces lower vibration and noise levels due to the fact that the shock pulses are distributed over more blades. With its counter rotating propellers it’s almost cavitation free.

Duoprop with its twin propellers doubles the blade area. Duoprop’s counter-rotating propellers outbalances each other, eliminating the transverse force.

Duoprop halves the power input per propeller which means: half load, half tip looses and half induced losses. The low load also significantly reduces cavitation.

Duoprop with its twin counter-rotating propellers creates an axially symmetric water jet, which means that all energy is thrust producing.