Engines and Options

The Sporty Aquamatic Sterndrive

The Aquamatic sterndrive is the world’s leading sterndrive. In its own unique way, the Aquamatic sterndrive offers a total solution for boaters who want an optimal combination of performance, driving experience and comfort in 20–45 foot boats. It’s a perfectly matched package – from controls to engine, drive and propellers – available with a wide range of fuel-efficient and sporty diesel and gasoline engines.

Sterndrive vs. Outboard

Weight distribution makes the sterndrive more seaworthy
Compared with the outboard engine, the sterndrive engine is placed lower and
more forward in the boat. In rough sea conditions, this makes for a more
comfortable ride in the sterndrive boat.

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Trim for a better ride

The hydraulic powertrim function has integrated kick-up function that minimizes damage if a large underwater object is struck. Powertrim Assistant trims automatically for a safer, more comfortable ride, rapid acceleration and high top speed.

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Volvo Penta Duoprop

The Duoprop has twin, counter-rotating propellers that never lose their grip. There is practically no cavitation and tracking is absolutely straight. All power drives the boat forward, greatly improving both top speed and acceleration.

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Improved seakeeping properties

The Aquamatic sterndrive offers unique performance and qualities in comparison with traditional outboards and inboard shafts. Compared with outboards, the lower center of gravity means better seakeeping properties. Reduced sound and vibrations gives better onboard comfort.

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Safer and easier boating

The Aquamatic Sterndrive system can be extended with unique functions for safer and easier boating. Every item is developed and manufactured by Volvo Penta – for a perfect match and optimal functionality.

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Clean transom

The design of the Aquamatic sterndrive leaves the transom of the boat uncluttered. People on board will have easy access to the water, plenty of room for water sports equipment, fishing, and a larger social area.

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Fuel efficient

Aquamatic Sterndrive with Duoprop propellers give the same high efficiency as Volvo Penta IPS – and reduced fuel consumption with up to 30%.


The platform of possibilities

Glass Cockpit System has revolutionized leisure boat controlling and monitoring. Together with the boat’s engines, electronics and the unique set of options it is fully integrated in EVC, Volvo Penta’s electronic platform.

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The Aquamatic story

It all started in the early 50s. Back then, there were inboards and there were outboards. At least if it wasn’t for a man named Jim Wynne. As a marine engineer and a test driver, he saw how the outboards of the time had grown too clumsy to perform well. So Jim got an idea ...

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