Sporty and comfortable

The Aquamatic really is a pleasure to handle. The driving experience is sporty and responsive, while the boat behaves safe and predictable. With generous torque already from low rpm, you have massive maneuvering power and rapid acceleration, taking the boat quicker onto the plane.

What’s more, the Duoprop propellers transfer the power into the water like no other. The counter rotating twin propellers never lose their grip, there is practically no cavitation and tracking is absolutely straight. All power drives the boat forward, greatly improving both top speed and acceleration.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Aquamatic with Duoprop is far superior to outboards, leading to a drastic decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This can be further improved by using the Powertrim Assistant feature, that adjusts the trim automatically for ideal running attitude and reduced fuel consumption.

At the same time, noise and vibration levels are strikingly low. Underwater exhaust and clean engines mean practically no fumes or smell. A clean, uncluttered transom benefits fishing and swimming.