Boat Trim System, BTS300-450

The Boat Trim System (BTS), with its patented interceptor technology gives you perfect control over pitch and heel. It takes you up on plane quickly, reduces the fuel consumption and gives you a more comfortable ride. BTS is recommended for boats 17–40 feet and for all drive systems including outboards.

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Automatically optimized boat attitude
The Boat Trim System is easy to manually operate from the control panel where the trim indicators show the position of the inter­ceptor units. With the automatic option, you can fur­ther enhance both comfort and safety; just press the “A” button and the system automatically keeps the pre-set, preferred boat attitude.

Easy to install and retrofit
With its compact design, the in­terceptor units are easily mounted. The only effect on the hull is a small hole for the electrical connection. Additional interceptor units may be installed side by side, i.e. two units on each side of the hull. The trim system is designed for several helm stations.

The optional automatic trim can of course be retro-fitted to existing BTS installations.

BTS main benefits
• Improved fuel efficiency
• Greater lift and less drag compared with conventional trim tabs
• Quickly onto the plane
• Intuitive, user-friendly control panel
• Automatic Boat Trim functionality (option)


By continuously optimizing your boat’s attitude, the trim system gives your boat its most favorable running angle – and everyone aboard a comfortable ride.


The interceptor units are available in two lengths; 300 and 450 mm.



Planing or semi-planing boats, fits all drive systems

Boat sizes

Recommended for 17–40 feet

Blade sizes

300 or 450 mm (one or two pairs per boat)

Blade stroke

35 mm


Manual or Auto mode


Composite material

Control panel

Intuitive and user-friendly design, with trim indicator



Complies with CE and ABYC requirements.