Volvo Penta Interceptor System 300–1050

The Volvo Penta Interceptor System 300–1050 has its origin in large, commercial vessels. Its robust and compact design ensures reliable performance for Volvo Penta-powered yachts 35–100+ feet. Fully integrated in EVC, our electronic platform, it has enabled us to develop the perfect Auto mode solution. By doing all trim adjustments fully automatically, it will make your driving easier than ever.

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Auto mode handles it all
The system is available in two versions where manual is standard. But it’s in the optional, automatic version where the system really excels. Just press the TRIM ASSIST button to activate the Auto mode and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride – fully automatically! The EVC-integrated software takes care of all trim adjustments while you focus on navigating and driving.

True turn increases on-board comfort
Sharp turns also become more comfortable in IPS- and Aquamatic-powered boats. In Auto mode, the system can adjust the heel based on a predetermined value for the boat model. This keeps the boat more upright in sharp turns and allows for a true turn (steering roll compensation). People aboard will feel less forces during the turn.

Available installations:
   Manual  Auto mode
IPS and Aquamatic with electronic steering   o  o
Aquamatic with hydraulic steering  o  -
Inboard  o  o* 
*No true turn (steering roll compensation)

Interceptor system range
A robust system in various blade sizes: 300, 450, 600, 750, 900 or 1050 mm.

Corrosion-free materials
The interceptors are made from corrosion-free materials and require virtually no maintenance. The composite material will not cause any galvanic corrosion and does not require protective anodes that have to be replaced.

Listen to what the trade press journalists have to say about the Interceptor System.

Journalist’s comments
Interceptor system
IS main benefits
• Excellent auto functionality provides true turn and simplified driving
• Quick response gives fast acceleration and predictable boat behavior
• Clean dashboard with all trim buttons located on the EVC-engine controls
• Manual override at the touch of a button
• Robust EVC-integration for increased reliability and simplified installation


Increased visibility.  When accelerating with IS (in auto mode), the system will lift the stern and lower the bow. This means quicker onto the plane and greatly increased forward visibility during the acceleration phase. Also when you turn, your visibility to the sides is largely improved.

EVC platform. The interceptor system is integrated in the EVC platform which makes it extremely easy to handle; just push the Trim assist button on the engine control. This activates automatic mode, and your boat’s attitude is always optimized thanks to the advanced control system. If you prefer to trim manually, you just use the trim buttons on the control.


Glass Cockpit System  The trim indicator is integrated in the optional Glass Cockpit System and can be selected in any of the display views.


The powerful, electric servo units are extremely responsive: full stroke is possible in two seconds. Right. The Interceptor control unit controls the movements of the interceptor blades depending on GPS position, rudder angle, engine data and the attitude sensor.
Technical information


Planing or semi-planing boats with Volvo Penta engines

Boat sizes

35–100+ feet

Blade servo

Brushless, Capacity: full stroke in 2 seconds (12 V) 1 second (24 V)

Blade sizes

300, 450, 600, 750, 900 or 1050 mm (one or two pairs per boat)


Manual or Manual + Auto mode 


Composite material, no corrosion

Control panel

Auto, Trim and List buttons integrated in the top-mounted engine control


Information shown in the Electronic Vessel Control display

Blade stroke

50 mm