Forward Drive

Volvo Penta Forward Drive

Marine Propulsion Technology

Leaps Forward

Volvo Penta does it again with the all-new Forward Drive propulsion system. Uniquely engineered with two forward-facing counter-rotating props that pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it, Forward Drive gives small-craft leisure boaters new found versatility.

To arrive at an entirely new kind of drive technology, the design team leveraged the technology of three legendary innovations: the Volvo Penta sterndrive, the Volvo Penta DuoProp and the Volvo Penta IPS. The result is higher top speeds and faster acceleration than comparable inboard shaft single prop systems.

Versatility Rules

Whether wakesurfing, wakeboarding or simply fishing, Forward Drive allows boaters to enjoy endless days of fun without sacrifice. Armed with power trim and an enlarged trim plate, drivers can easily customize their wake for watersports, then level off for smooth cruising.

Comfort Meets Exhilaration

Imagine exhaust emissions flowing down, into the prop wash, rather than up around the stern. Envision a smoother and more comfortable ride, with almost no fumes and little to no vibration.

The feel and experience of Forward Drive is bold yet understated. The large active blade area improves performance and reduces noise. Counter-rotating, forward facing propellers make acceleration smooth and provide much greater maneuverability than standard inboard or jet propulsion systems.

Efficiency Built-In

For leisure boaters, Forward Drive opens a door to a world of watersport wonders.

It also offers weekend watersports enthusiasts the kind of performance you’d expect from a pleasure craft, with less cavitation, zero side force, less emissions and better overall fuel economy. In other words, greater efficiency.

More Performance in Your Wake

Forward Drive propulsion offers more than enough power to meet your performance needs, with up to 430 horsepower, creating top speeds greater than comparable inboard single shaft prop systems.

Equipped with DuoProp counter-rotating propellers, Forward Drive offers a unique and industry first symmetrical wakeboarding wake and equally shaped wakesurfing wave on your side of choice.

When the watersports are done, take the helm and feel the powerful control of a forward propulsion system. Horizontal, as opposed to angled thrust, allows you to handle tight turns with ease, maneuver safely and more intuitively, dock with ease, and above all, revel in your passion.

One small leisure boat that can do it all? Volvo Penta Forward Drive makes it possible.

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