Glass cockpit

Total integration – the way you want it

Glass Cockpit integrates all driver information in one location. The multi-function, widescreen displays give you a full overview and total control – making your driving environment more harmonized.

Integrated with the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC), Glass Cockpit enables you to monitor and control information in one place via a single interface. It provides a full overview of navigation and engine data, together with Easy Boating functions such as Autopilot and Joystick driving.

Available from 7 to 24 inch, the display layouts are fully customizable so that you can decide when, where and how the information is presented. This increases your safety, awareness and enjoyment at sea.


Fully integrated with the EVC

The user-friendly Volvo Penta interface displays navigation data, engine monitoring, warnings, alarms and Easy Boating options such as Autopilot and Joystick Driving. To accommodate different driving styles you can customize the layouts and views making it easier for the driver to decide what, where and when information can be displayed. Certain situations require more focus on specific functions such as reversing cameras and radar.


Fully customizable layouts and views
All active functions and alarms are displayed in the status bar (1). Information overlays can be placed anywhere on the display (2). Information can be divided up to six times with split screen function (3). By pre-programming your layouts, you create a tailor-made display that shows important data and information in the way you want.


Link preset layouts to joystick and control
Customized layouts can be linked to specific buttons on the control and joystick. When you press an assigned button, screen layouts change automatically to the information you need for a specific scenario. For example, when you press the ”docking” button on the joystick, the layout can change and show a docking camera view.

Glass Cockpit screens

There are two types of Multi-Function Display (MFD) available where the screen resolution and material choice varies. Sizes range from 7 to 24 inch and all displays are compatible with each other in order to form a larger display or a network of stations throughout the boat.

small  Multi-Function Display (MFD) 7 to 16 inch
The 7 inch MFD is the perfect stand-alone solution for smaller boats where it can host all functions needed for navigation including engine and EVC monitoring. The 7 inch display also works with bigger installations as a compliment to other navigation systems. The 7 to 16 inch range consists of all-in-one solutions with built in GPS antenna and SD-card reader.  

7" - MFD 7607
10" - MFD 7610
12" - MFD 7612
16" - MFD 7616
large Multi-Function Display (MFD) 17 to 24 inch
The 17 to 24 inch MFD’s with a full glass screen (without frame) are well suited for elegant Glass Cockpit solutions in larger boats. They can be installed alone or side-by-side with up to three displays at each helm station. The GPS antenna and SD card reader are separated from the unit - ensuring optimal positioning.

17" - MFD 8617
22" - MFD 8622
24" - MFD 8624

Compatible components and accessories

Remote Control
The optional Remote control can be integrated as a keyboard into the driver’s chair or the dashboard for an ergonomic and low-profile controlling solution. With a rotary knob and a joystick, it provides full control and easy navigation through menus and screens. It also allows seamless navigation between multiple displays at a station.

GPS Antenna

A smart, 19x antenna with 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver updates position and heading 10 times per second to display a more fluid vessel movement and dramatically improves your ability to accurately mark and navigate up to 5,000 waypoints. 


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More time for boating
With Volvo Penta, you need just one single contact for the whole package: engines, transmissions, instruments, accessories, service, warranties, etc. This means simpler ownership – and more time for boating.

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    One system – One supplier
All Volvo Penta products – propellers, drives, engines, controls, instruments, accessories, etc. – are developed for perfect interaction and optimal performance. For you, it means one single contact for the whole package, not least service and support. It’s safe, secure and simple.

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