Low-speed mode

Manoeverering when idling with larger diesel engines is now greatly improved in close quarters or while fishing. The integrated low-speed function halves the speed when idling.

The low-speed mode for D4, D6, D9, D11 and D12 inboard shafts plus Volvo Penta IPS is totally integrated in the EVC system. This gives seamless operation with the standard controls.

With default settings, the slip coupling in the gearbox gives approx. 50% lower boat speed at idling for greatly improved manoeuvrability in close quarters or while fishing. The slip is controlled with the same lever as the engine speed.

During the first 15 degrees of lever movement, engine speed is at idling. Speed is increased by reducing the slip. When the lever is pushed further, the transmission is fully engaged and speed is increased from higher engine rpm.