For "environment" to be a real core value it has to permeate the whole company and all its operations. The standard ISO 14001 has been implemented throughout the whole Volvo Penta organisation. All functions such as product development,  production plants and Market Regions Europe, Asia , US and International are certified.

The Volvo Environmental Policy is the overall guidance for Volvo Penta, interpreted into strategies and objectives for our products and operations. The environmental manager is coordinating the work within the Volvo Penta organisation, and environmental coordinators are in place at all units

Training for everybody
Knowledge and awareness is a key to doing the right thing. All employees get environmental training which covers both general issues and specific topics related to function and location.

Working tools for continuous improvement

  • environmental assessments mandatory in product development projects
  • life cycle assessments to evaluate environmental impact
  • Volvo black and grey lists of chemicals that shall not be used or shall be phased out respectively
  • environmental requirements for production facilities
  • environmental requirements on supplier and dealers