Diesel and gasoline engines not only produce power necessary for marine and industrial applications, but also disturbance to the environment. Volvo Penta works actively to develop resource efficient products with low environmental impact during its useful life.

Optimized fuel consumption and low emissions 

Our modern engines offer a combination of high power, low fuel consumption and low emissions that were unthinkable only ten years ago. Important technical steps are electronically controlled high pressure injectors that make it possible to completely control the combustion and adapt to driving situation and fuel quality, resulting in excellent fuel efficiency as well as low emissions. 

The Volvo Penta IPS drive has outstanding environmental properties with 30% higher fuel efficiency and remarkedly less exhaust and noise emissions. For more information, click on the banner!

For the gasoline range, almost all engines now feature electronic fuel injection which leads to vastly improved fuel efficiency. Furthermore, there is no excess fuel used at cold starts resulting in lower emissions.