1925 - first order from Volvo

Assar Gabrielsson was sales manager at SKF and together with the engineer Gustaf Larson, who had experience of the British automobile industry; he had decided to invest in a Swedish-built car. With its long experience of engine production, Pentaverken was given the chance to produce an engine - at a very reduced price - which was to have a displacement of two liters and an output of 28 horsepower.

In 1927, a total of 710 DA engines were delivered to Volvo. In 1928 an additional 705 DA engines were delivered and, in 1929, 865 engines with the designations DB and EB were supplied in addition to 574 DA engines. A total of 2,854 DA, DB and EB car engines were manufactured between 1927 and 1930.

Very quickly Volvo became an important customer that gave Pentaverken increased confidence and belief in the future.