1960 - Aquamatic success

The bold gamble of the Aquamatic succeeded, mainly as a result of the hard work that had been put into setting up joint ventures with boat builders during the 1950s. Botveds Boats, a Danish boatbuilder, was the first company to invest in the Aquamatic in its newly designed boat, the Coronet. The Coronet opened up the US market and, by the mid-1960s, success was guaranteed. The Aquamatic was the first really big product during the 1960s, the second major breakthrough in Penta's history. In order to meet the demand a new plant was built in Köping. In the US market alone some 2,000 Aquamatic drive packages were sold in 1965 and five years later the Americans bought more than 5,000 AQ packages and almost 4,000 drives. In the same year almost 15,000 AQ packages and around 5,000 drives were sold in all the company's markets.