1991- outperforming gasoline

In 1991 Volvo Penta first launches the KAD concept. Combining mechanical compressor and turbocharger produces both high maximum power and massive torque directly from low revs for impressive acceleration. The first two engines are the KAD42 with Duoprop and the inboard KAMD42. Both are a tremendous successes and the KAD42 becomes the world's best selling diesel Aquamatic.

In 1997 the KAD concept is extended to a full series of high performance marine diesels rated from 170 hp (125 kW) to 260 hp (191 kW): the KAD32, KAD43 and the top-of-the-line KAD44 EDC. Combined with the unique Duoprop, the KAD series delivers a performance that in many ways outdoes that of gasoline engines and it represents a brand new alternative for performance boating.

High power, no delay Compared to a traditional engine, the KAD gives high power directly from standstill with immediate response to the helmsman's intentions. The mechanically driven compressor engages at low revs giving very high torque to rapidly move the boat onto the plane. At higher revs the compressor disengages and the turbo takes over to give high power output and excellent top speed. The EDC (electronic diesel control) managed KAD44 goes one step further. The compressor and turbo are only engaged when the EDC system decides they are really needed. This gives even better response, improved on-board comfort and reduced fuel consumption.